There was a song sung by, The Carpenters’ the lyrics was “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.” Well, today is Monday, and rainy; I have been fighting not to be down! My thoughts are of a lady by the name of connie, her upbeat personality and walk with the lord is priceless! The … More YOU KNOW


Teach me oh Lord, that I may see; help me Lord, to know thee. _______________..________________ Read my word, that you may see; through my word, you will know me. Line upon line, line upon line; read them, for they are mine. Precepts upon precepts; You will discover my secrets. Look in My Word, and you … More MY WORD


As a Christian, what does it mean to be plugged in? Without electricity a plug is useless; however, a plug making contact with an electrical outlet produces power that can be used for an enormous amount of things.


This morning I was awakened with sadness. Not about money, family, or the usual things that bother one’s being. No, not even about the bickering of politicians, it is rather about the divisions among Christians. It is so heavy on my heart this morning, because none of it should be. The one thing different denominations … More YOU KNOW:


While gazing out of my window I noticed drizzling rain. My eyes were drawn to leaves on the ground that was dried and brown in color. Watching the small droplets of water fall upon them I could see… Source: GOD’S RAIN


Waiting in line at a Post Office, my husband  Ed and a young lady began a conversation  about our Lord Jesus Christ. It was obvious that she had not walked with the Lord very long, and was very excited to share and talk about Him. By her facial expressions, I could see that she was … More WHO INSPIRES YOU?