Peter, Paul, and Silas too, told you what you should do. Within their words, you will find, my instructions of every kind. Their doctrine, it is mine, Look within, My will you will find. They told the truth, they did not lie, salvation is a gift, you cannot buy. Their gospel, there is but one, … More READ MY WORD


Teach me oh Lord, that I may see; help me Lord, to know thee. _______________..________________ Read my word, that you may see; through my word, you will know me. Line upon line, line upon line; read them, for they are mine. Precepts upon precepts; You will discover my secrets. Look in My Word, and you … More MY WORD


I would like to wish all of our fathers, “Happy Fathers Day.” My own father is gone now; ┬áHe lived out his whole life looking to fulfill that void and find contentment. It wasn’t but a few weeks before he passed, that the peace he had been shearching for came. This is a poem I … More DAD I REMEMBER


The smell of pine needles, a breath of fresh air; the touch of a newborn babe, these things were given to share. The softness of lamb’s wool, the clouds in a painted sky; the fields covered with clover, these things we cannot buy. Oh! The wondrous world we live in, for us God has dressed; … More CAST YOUR CARES

God’s Covenant

God looked down upon the earth and what did He see; but all of His people like you and me. Within, God was enormously sad; because all of the people, they were bad. Unrighteous and full of sin, each his neighbor and his kin. God’s love did not abound; In but one man’s heart was … More God’s Covenant