God Took My Baby

While at a Christian lady’s group one evening, a woman was giving her testimony. She was sharing her life’s struggles, her failed marriage, and how she had found the Lord. She was excited to tell us how she met a wonderful Christian man, remarried, and began a new life. Her second child was a beautiful little boy in perfect health, all accept for a heart condition. We were all in tears as she shared her family’s ongoing heartaches and pain. This precious little guy was about in his seventh month when the physicians let them know that nothing more could be done.

It was during her testimony on several occasions that she had made the comment of how God had taken her baby; each time I heard this, my inward parts would quiver.

As she ended her testimony and everyone was drying their eyes; I ask her, “Why did she think God took her baby?” Everyone was looking at me speechless, but I felt it necessary to explain to her that God didn’t take her baby, God received her baby. God didn’t create the heart defect in him, it just happened like all other  health issues people suffer. It was due to the sin from the garden of Eden; nothing the parents were guilty of, but the fact that we live in this world filled with sin and disease. Could God have healed him? Absolutely, this was a Christian family, and I am sure not only were they praying but many more as well. The three Hebrew children come to my mind, their words were, “Our God is able.” Not that He would deliver them from the fiery furnace, but rather He was able. They understood the God in which they served.

It is true that we as Christians don’t always understand the ‘why’s,’ why does He intervene sometimes and in other cases He doesn’t. What we do understand however is that He is God and He is able; like the three Hebrew children, we are to put our explicit hope and trust in Him, no matter the outcome. My heart truly did go out to this woman, but the truth remains that our God did not take her baby, He only received him.

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