I would like to wish all of our fathers, “Happy Fathers Day.”
My own father is gone now;  He lived out his whole life looking to fulfill that void and find contentment. It wasn’t but a few weeks before he passed, that the peace he had been shearching for came. This is a poem I wrote for him.


Dad I remember, oh so well;
the stories you would tell.
I remember the candy you would buy;
and my shoe strings you would tie.
I remember the toy's you would fix;
and you holding me when I was sick.
I remember all the laughter, joy and tears;
that we shared all through the years.
But Dad, the time I remember most;
was the night you received the Holy Ghost.
For by your face did it show;
and from your face did it glow.
Now, I have peace in my heart;
to comfort me when we part.
For I know you will soon give up the fight;
for now your eyes are upon the light.
I know I will have to say goodbye;
but now with happiness I can cry.
For in Heaven you will be;
In Heaven waiting for me.

2 thoughts on “DAD I REMEMBER

    1. Thank you, funny I was given poems during the time of my dad’s illness and passing, but no longer am I able to pull them together. I think maybe they gave me peace during a hard time in my life. So I’ll mostly enjoy yours; as I said before, I love your style; you have me hanging from one sentence to the next.

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