During the summer months in the South we experience electoral storms that come up very quickly, this was another of those afternoons. Just the day before lighting had hit our office, burning out three of our computers. Here we were again faced with another tragedy because the new replacement computers were in the middle of uploading the new software, and couldn’t be turned off.

My son, who was working on the computers, was very nervous, and had shown his concern.  What were we to do?  We walked outside and could hear the loud clapping of thunder within the dark clouds moving very fast in our direction.

We held hands and prayed, that the Lord redirected the storm so that our office would be free from any mishaps. We went back inside and looked out the window, and to our amazement there was sunshine; however, we still could hear the thunder louder than before.

Walking outside we could see the lightning and rain at a distance. We could hardly believe what we were seeing. It was like the storm split totally in half. All of the darkness and stormy weather was passing by on both sides of us and sunshine above us.

It made me think of the red sea when He pealed the waters aside. Nothing is impossible with God. I praise His Holy Name.

4 thoughts on “THE STORM

    1. Thank you Christina for taking the time to read on my blog. I would very much like to here your testimony as well. I say Testimony because Christina one day I was coming home from a residence in which the Lord had led me. I was reminiscing the visit and thought about how much I had enjoyed sharing my stories. Immediately, the Lord corrected me and said,” They are not stories but testimonies unto me.” Love whaled up within me and I have never again referred them to stories. And, Yes anything I have written on my blog is yours without the asking. May the Lord be with you this day and bless all your endeavors.

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  1. Hello, I had a similar experience last December driving to school one morning as rain pelted so hard on the windscreen I couldn’t see where I was going, I was very frightened and I cried out to the Lord and a few minutes later the storm went it was still raining but not heavily. Praise be to our Father in heaven.


    1. Hello, I seen your comment in checking my e-mail today. I enjoyed your testimony, I love to hear what the Lord has, or is doing in others lives. I haven’t been blogging, and am unsure as to whether I will continue. My year for renewal will be coming up in March. If you have a Facebook page I would like to invite you into “Morning Sunrise” group. It is a page that you can read or post praise unto the Lord, testimonies and prayer request. It is made up of peoples from all walks of life, different denominations, and places. I also have a smaller group called “Plugged In” this group is very small and is used for discussion, getting into the deeper things of the Lord and His Holy Word. Just let me know is you may be interested. I will try to find you in the blogger pages later this week. In the meantime let us press on toward the Higher calling of God for the mark in which we have been called. Amen and May the Lord Bless you and your family.


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