It was a rainy day; not one of which one would want to venture out unless necessary. It was Monday however, and this was the day that Fat Jacks Restaurant served their liver and onions. My husband, Ed, loves Fat Jacks liver and onions; and his craving for the dish was now at its max. This meant we were Fat Jack’s bound in this nasty weather.

As I was getting into the car I noticed that a small bird had gotten his head caught in a wire “cake-food,” bird feeder. The small bird was upside down, his head caught inside of the feeder, his neck bent, and his feet was straight up in the air, stiff not moving. My love for birds was the reason the feeder was even there, so you can imagine the horror I was going through.

Informing Ed of the mishap he got out the car to help me remove the dead bird. Removing the hanging feeder, I handed it over to my husband. He said, ” I don’t believe this little guy is dead.” “Of course he is.” I replied. ” You see his stiff feet!” Ed then gently turned the feeder around and under. Whoosh, it happened so suddenly we hardly got to see the little bird fly away. It was a good feeling to know we had helped save the little bird.

As we were traveling to the restaurant I couldn’t help but be reminded of the scripture of how our Heavenly Father sees even the little sparrows. Had Ed not been craving Jack’s liver and onions we certainly would not have gone out in such awful weather, and ¬†therefore wouldn’t have seen this suffering and frightened little bird. Some may say it was all coincidental, and yes it may have been, but one thing for sure – Our Heavenly Father’s eyes were upon ‘this’ little sparrow.

In Matthew 10: 29, Jesus had said that not one of them fall to the ground without the Heavenly Father knowing.

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