God’s Covenant

God looked down upon the earth and what did He see;
but all of His people like you and me.
Within, God was enormously sad;
because all of the people, they were bad.
Unrighteous and full of sin,
each his neighbor and his kin.
God's love did not abound;
In but one man's heart was it found.
Noah, was his name;
righteousness, for God did he claim.
So, God spoke to Noah one day,
and this is what He had to say.
All my people have gone astray;
each and everyone in his own way.
I am grieved to see their sin;
of every kind, among all men.
Let me tell you of my plan this day;
They, will I destroy, but for you I will make a way.
So, an ark I now want you to build;
that you and your family will not be killed.
For I am sending heavy rains;
to destroy all living things.
So, this boat you must build;
and gather foods from your field.
Then all creatures, large and small;
of every kind, short and tall;
Two by two, board them all.
By their names you can call;
Goats, monkeys, and porcupines,
zebra's and cow's of all kinds.
Elephants, lions, and dogs;
long neck giraffes, and toad frogs.
Animals of every kind;
all aboard God's life line.
Doves, ducks, birds of every feather;
all safe inside, out of the weather.
For the Lord Himself will shut the door;
sealing it tight from floor to floor.
Then it rained forty days and forty nights;
It rained so hard, there wasn't a tree left in sight.
For seven months they did float;
all, with-in Noah's  big boat.
Upon the mountain of Ararat;
the ark did rest, and there they sat.
Now Noah, sent a dove out to sea;
It came back with the leaves of an olive tree.
So Noah knew there was dry land;
now they aboard could start over again.
God blessed Noah, and his sons too;
Saying, I will make a covenant between me and you.
Never will I flood the earth again;
to destroy man for his sin.
So, now this token, will I show;
Within the clouds, you'll see a rainbow.
Through the ages and through the years;
you can still see God's promise through His tears.
Why? Because man has grown worse with sin;
Worst now than he has ever been.
As for righteous Noah, God made a way;
Also for us, He has today.
For another covenant did He make;
when He sent His son for our sakes. 
If we will search for Him, though we are apart;
and look for Him with all our heart.
We shall find His love within;
Caring for us until the end.

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