The Lord sent the angel Gabriel to Zechariah and told him:

That - His wife Elizabeth would bear a son in her old age.
That - His name would be called John.
That - John would be filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb
That - John would go before the Lord in the Spirit and Power of Elijah.

 The word states: 

 That when Elizabeth conceived, she hid herself for five  months.

1st)  WHY?  So why did Elizabeth hide herself?

The Angel Gabriel was not sent to Elizabeth but rather to her 
Husband Zachariah.
The Angel informed Zachariah: 
1) That his prayer would be answered.
2) That His wife Elizabeth would have a child.


It is of my belief- 
That this was not Zachariah's prayer on this particular day. 
Because His wife Elizabeth was now in her old age, now past her
child barring years and barren.
It is of my belief- 
That this was a prayer Zachariah had prayed for many years prior
to this day. So I doubt seriously if Zachariah felt compelled to
pray this particular prayer any longer; and I personally feel this 
was the reason why Zachariah may have doubted the words of the
Angel Gabriel.


Now if Zachariah doubted an Angel of God who stood before him; 
how much more would it be for Elizabeth his wife; to doubt the
words of her husband?


It is of my belief- 
That Elizabeth felt this news was just to "good" to be true and 
that she being in her old age would probably be unable to carry
the child full-term. Therefore instead of suffering the humiliation 
of her maybe loosing the child, she chose to keep it a SECRET.
Also because the Lord God wanted it kept; that the news of her 
conception was not scattered abroad before it's appointed time.

While Elizabeth was in her sixth month, the Lord sent the

Angel Gabriel  to Mary, Elizabeth’s cousin.

The angel Gabriel told Mary,
who was a virgin and highly favored of the Lord;

1) That - She would conceive within her womb and bear a son.
2) That - The son's name would be Jesus.
3) That - Jesus shall be Great and called, The SON of the MOST HIGH.
4) That - He would be given the throne of his Father David and;
5) That - He would rein over the House of Jacob forever.

Mary asked the angel, “How could this be, because she knew not a man?”

The angel Gabriel then explained:
1) That - The Holy Ghost would come upon her.
2) That - The Power of the Highest would over shadow her.
3) That - The Holy Child born of her would be called the SON OF GOD.

The angel Gabriel then told Mary:

1) That - Her Cousin Elisabeth who was in her old age and called
          barren had also conceived a son.
2) That - With God nothing shall be Impossible.

2ed)  WHY?     Why  did the Angel Gabriel tell Mary, of Elizabeth’s conception?

He had just told Mary of her own conception; which by physical 
means was impossible. 
He was telling her something about her cousin Elizabeth which 
was also impossible  
It was important for Mary to understand: 
That with God all things were "possible."

Mary then said to the Angel Gabriel:

"Behold the handmaid of the Lord;
 be it unto me according to thy word."
The conversation was finished and the angel Gabriel departed.

3ed)  WHY?     Why was Mary’s reply to the Angel Gabriel important?

God will not come against a persons will.
Mary had to be a willing vessel for this to happen.
I am sure a lot of things were going through her head;
but Mary loved God and chose to believe the Angel and agreed
for this miraculous thing to take place.

The word states:

That Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country of Judah to visit her cousin Elisabeth.

4th)  Why ?     Why did Mary leave so suddenly?

There is a Godly anxiousness.
It is of my belief - That God put this anxiousness within Mary 
to go quickly because He knew Satan would be sure to go to Mary
and try to still away from her; what had happened.
He would lie to her, by telling her, "You know what was said 
unto you is impossible."
He would try and deceive her by telling her, "It was just a dream, 
it really didn't happen.
He would try to kill the plan by asking her, 
"Who do you think you are?"
"So what makes you so special?"
"Do you really think you, could possibly be the mother of God?"

The word states: Mary,  after leaving her home in haste came into the city of Judah and entered  into the house of Zechariah and Elizabeth. The word also states that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary;

1) That -The babe leaped in the womb. 
2) That -Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. 
3) That -Elizabeth spoke out with a loud voice.

5th)  Why?  Why did the babe leap in the womb?   Why was Elizabeth filled with the Holy Ghost?   Why did Elizabeth speak out with a loud voice?

Zachariah, Elisabeth's husband was told that the child would be 
filled with the Holy Ghost from the mothers womb.
Not only did Elizabeth hear Mary's greetings but so did the spirit
of Elijah which was in the Baby from within her womb.
It is of my belief, that Elizabeth and Baby John was both filled 
with theHoly Ghost simultaneously. It was this miracle that let 
Elizabeth know, everything her husband Zachariah had said was true.


Elizabeth didn't know about Mary, but the Holy Ghost did. It was 
by and through the Holy Ghost that Elizabeth then spoke to Mary.
The word states that Elizabeth spoke out in a loud voice; 
which implies that it was with boldness, which came through 
the receiving of the Holy Ghost.


6) WHY?   Why were the things said to Mary by Elizabeth important?

          The following, are the things in which Elizabeth said:

1)  Blessed art thou among Woman.

      Going Back:

Remember: the Angel told Mary that she was blessed among women.

 2)  Blessed is the fruit of thine womb.

      Going Back:

Remember: The angel had also told Mary that She would bring 
forth a son and shalt call his name Jesus.
He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: 
and the Lord God give unto him the throne of he's father David:
And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever, and his 
kingdom there shall be no end.

 3)  She ask why was the mother of her Lord that she should come to her.

It is my belief: That it had been revealed unto Elizabeth which was 
now filled; and speaking by the power of the Holy Ghost; that Mary
would be the mother of our Lord.

4)  Elizabeth now said to Mary, “Blessed is she that believed.”

Mary, did not have to believe but chose to believe the incredible 
news that had been given her by the Angel Gabriel. She was now being 
acknowledged for her decision by the Holy Ghost speaking through
her cousin Elizabeth.

5)  Elizabeth said,  “There shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”

      Going Back:

Elizabeth which spake by the Holy Ghost was reintegrating what 
the Angel Gabriel had told Mary before in the beginning.
He had explained to Mary what and how it would take place.


Even before Mary had the chance to ask any questions, or share
her own news; the Holy Ghost gave CONFIRMATION unto her.
Elizabeth had said to Mary: And blessed is she that believed. 
You see Mary believed the miracle to be true, but did not know 
it to be a fact. Now it had been confirmed by the Holy Ghost 
through her cousin Elizabeth, who knew nothing of her experience.


Like Mary, It is the same with us today.

We are told and believe we have SALVATION; but we do not know
it to be a fact, until it has been CONFIRMED by the infilling 


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