Ed and I had dedicated our lives to the Lord; but we were still babes in Christ. Ed’s work carried him away from home, having to stay in hotels. Now that he had given his life to Christ he was no longer visiting the lounges, but rather the Gideon’s Bible that was placed within the rooms. Ed was reading at least ten chapters, a day in the bible and sometimes more.

He called one Sunday evening and asks me if I had been reading. “No.” I replied, “I have been going to church.”

“That’s good,” he said; “but you need to be reading God’s word as well.” “How do you expect to grow spiritually?” “You will die without his word, because church isn’t enough,” he explained. My end of the phone at that moment was silent because I didn’t know how to respond to his statement. Being concerned, Ed lovingly ask me if I would like to pray about it. Agreeing, we then prayed and asked the Lord to give me the desire to read his word.

The following Wednesday, during another phone conversation, Ed asked me the same question. “Have you read any in God’s word?” “No.” I replied.” “Honey, the Lord is not going to come down, knock you in the head and say, “Glenda, I have given you the desire to read my word!” I laughed thinking his remark was somewhat funny; but Ed was desperately trying to help me realize the importance of reading the word for myself. He then told me that I needed to pick up the Bible by faith, believing the Lord had done what we had asked. Ed then explained that if I would just begin to read I would find it to be so. “Trust Him,” he said. “Ok, I will.” I replied.

During our next phone conversation, I could feel the excitement in Ed’s voice as he was sharing the things the Lord was showing him in bible. He was overflowing with joy until he had asked, the now to familiar question. “Honey, have you been reading?” “No, I replied, I hadn’t the time.” My husband didn’t understand nor did he except my answer for an excuse; he rather sounded terribly hurt as he shared his feelings and words of encouragement. “Honey you have to make time; remember what we prayed? We asked the Lord to give you a desire to read.” “Well you also need to trust Him in showing you when and how.” We ended our conversation in prayer, again asking for the desire and time to read His Holy word.

What Ed didn’t know about his wife was her deep dark secret; Glenda was addicted to TV -Soap Operas. She started with: The Young And The Restless at eleven o’clock, on through The Edge of Night at Five. Half of the entire day was devoted to Soaps.

It was now Monday morning; for those of you that aren’t familiar with the TV Soaps, well they leave you hanging over on Fridays. You would never miss watching them on Friday or Monday, because they were the, “cliff hangers; the sit on the edge of your chair,” days.

So just as I was about to turn on the television, I heard this voice from within say, “You have Time.” No one needed to explain what those words meant! At this particular moment in time, The Young And The Restless no longer had a pull or hold on me. Instead of watching the “Soaps,” as I would normally do I picked up my Bible.

Now I had an obligation to fill; I held my bible to my chest and prayed this simple little prayer. “Well Lord, you know what my husband and I prayed, so I am doing what he ask of me and I am believing by faith you will do what we have ask, Amen”

Having prayed the above prayer, I opened the bible to the book of John In the New Testament and began to read. It wasn’t long before I realized that I couldn’t put it down, in fact I couldn’t read fast enough. Then I realized I was in the book of Acts and afterward Romans. There are still stains from apple juice on the pages of my bible; because I didn’t want to stop reading and just grabbed apples to eat. I kid you not, within three days I had read through the entire New Testament, including going back and picking up Mathew, Mark and Luke.

When Ed returned home the following weekend we had a glorious time in the Lord sharing with each other; we were now growing spiritually together. The Lord truly had answered our prayers; not only did he give me a burning desire to read His Holy Word but because of my obedience to him, he had also removed my addiction. I can truly say after forty years, I haven’t to this day had the desire to watch another TV Soap Opera.

















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