My Husband and I had recently moved to Maryville, Tennessee. The door to our townhouse was adjacent to our neighbor’s. We at the time, had only spoken with  them in passing. Still settling in we purchased a new door mat. It was green in color with black lettering; which read: BECAUSE HE LIVES along with a cross to the left.

In answering the doorbell one night, I recognized the lady standing in the doorway as my neighbor. She said, “Excuse me, but every time I walk into my home, I have to look at your door matt

“Oh no,” I thought, she is going to complain. She then explained that my matt bothered her. “Oh my,” I thought, here it comes. “ I don’t understand why it bothers me,” she exclaimed, “ I just feel the need to talk about it.”

Now, with a sigh of relief, I ask her in. After listening to her concerns for a few minutes, I shared Jesus and his plan of salvation. Listening Intently, she began to cry. I then ask if she would like to pray; she was more than ready. Before leaving I gave my newfound sister a bible, a hug, and then bid her goodnight.

God is an awesome God. I thought while closing the door. He can, and will use anything, even a door matt!




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