While sitting on the steps of our home; I felt these very stern words reverberate within and throughout my soul. ” Do not be like Lot’s wife .” Along, with this powerful statement came a warning; one of which I  clearly understood.

You see, I was sitting on the steps of my home feeling sorry for myself, and pleading with God about my unfortunate situation. Sometimes we as Christians feel we have a special button we can push; and God will hear our cry and He will do what “WE” ask of him. Why? For the most part it is due to false teachings. Those of us which have been misguided in the scripture  will stand firm on these verses:  “Ask what you will and it shall been done unto you.” Another one: “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Yes, these particular verses are in the bible, and yes they are even written in red. Now let me ask you? Does this mean we have some kind of position with the Lord, that we can make commands of Him?  Who are We? Do we know better than God?

Instead of feeling sorry for myself; I was now thinking about Lot’s wife. So many times I had read the story about Lot and the city of Gomorrah; I had read how they were told when fleeing the city they were not to look back. Never had I given much thought to Lot’s wife looking back; I had accepted the fact that she did and was turned into a pillar of salt. Now that I am writing this I have to retract that statement; I had settled it in my mind that while they were fleeing the city they were warned not to look back, because they weren’t supposed to see the city being destroyed; and had accepted that, as being the reason. Even though that train of thought may have been part of the reason; I now know I had missed the most important point.

The bible states that Lot was a righteous man, it also states that he was a prominent man within the city. This tells me that Lot was probably a man of wealth. Having a nice home and nice things (stuff). Lot’s wife didn’t want to leave the comforts of her prominent home and all of her nice stuff. Wow! Now this story was beginning to make complete sense.

“Do not be like Lot’s wife!” Now I could see the connection between the life of Lot’s wife and that of my own. Not only was I feeling sorry for myself; but I  didn’t have clarity of why my husband and I were having to move. This was our home, one of which we were to  spend the rest of our lives. It was “my stuff” that I would have to leave behind. “Why Lord?” I just didn’t understand and somehow it all felt unfair. Why?  Having pushed God’s buttons; had not straightened out this misfortunate ordeal.

We forget that His ways are higher than our own, and His understanding is greater. It is easy to trust the Lord when everything in our lives is cushioned and easy. Not so; when the cushion is removed. Sometimes we as Christians are just spoiled brats.

Now that it all lies behind me, I do have complete understanding of the “Why,” and thankful; that the Lord was only looking out for us. I can praise His Holy name for that!

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