The healing of the nations come from within;
The healing of the heart is deliverance from sin.

As long as man turns his face from me;
his heart is blinded, and he cannot see.
The richest the earth, or nothing to hold;
It is for them, that mans hearts are sold.
The world joins hands to become strong;
but still they are weak against the wrong.
The evil one, he has a plan;
to still all of those, in which he can.
His trickeries are disguised;
the goodness of his beauty is but lies.
Without my love to show the way;
They will believe what he has to say.
Within his grasp, he pulls them in;
filling their hearts, full of sin.
Holding fast to their evil way;
sinking deeper day by day.
The world is filled, with the darkness of their sin;
among all nations, among all men.
My light will shine, for all mankind;
My light will shine, but for a short time.
To seek out those that will come in;
leaving behind the world of sin.



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