Returning home from a shopping trip my family found our home had been broken into. TV’s, sound systems, cameras, anything of  worth, it was all lifted, and gone. We were devastated, felt confused and violated.

While entering our sons room during the walk through, I was stunned to see the Ten Commandment’s Poster had been ripped off the wall, and stomped on the floor.

All though one of our neighbor’s had  informed the law officers of who had carried out this heinous monstrosity, the investigation came to a halt. Why? Well, because the person in question, at the time was an informant of the sheriff’s department.

Three years had now passed; in reading the newspaper we learned that the above perpetrator was found afloat with his right hand missing. He and his accomplice were in the process of breaking into a merchant’s shop when the alarm was activated and warned the police.

One man was apprehended while the other had gotten away by diving into a lagoon. Having done so he was drowned, an alligator had also taken his right hand.

In the Old Testament Laws, if a man had stolen, his right hand was taken. In the New Testament it states: “Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord, “I shall repay.”

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