While traveling with a group touring Israel, my husband and I were on one, of five buses that had stopped in a town not far from Jericho. Extensive excavation was underway throughout the small town. Almost completed was the ruin of an old amphitheater or coliseum. It was there, that the musicians whom we were traveling; set up for a small performance.

While most of our traveling companions had taken seats among the steps of the ruin, my husband and I made our way to the top, and set upon a boulder just inside one of the arch openings.

As the musicians below were singing one of their praise and worship songs, partly in English and partly in Hebrew, a large portion of our group were lifting their arms and praising the Lord. It was during this particular song; I noticed standing in one of the archways below behind the band, two of the construction workers was watching and listening. Another man whom must have been their boss came over to the couple; he seemed to have been scolding them, and running them back to work. He, himself then stood behind the musicians who were singing. Looking up toward us, he was making fun by waving his arms in the air, while twisting and swaying his body to the music. Then with a disgusted look on his face he flapped his arms and hands forward towards us; he then receded back through the archway and disappeared.

As the song ended the musicians ask us to break up in small groups of four or five, to hold hands and pray. With just the two of us alone on the boulder; my husband took my hands and ask me as to what I would like to pray. Answering, I told him that I would like to pray for the man whom was making fun of us. He said, “ok” and we began to pray. We were both touched, and tremendously moved by the Holy Spirit. Opening our eyes we were startled to be looking at the same man for whom we had just prayed. At some point while we were praying, he had made his way up to where we were, and was slumped over looking up at us within two feet of our faces. While trying to regain our composure, he began to speak.

Unfortunately, we didn’t understand a word he was saying; neither did he understand us; however he was desperately trying to communicate. My husband suggested that I get our Israeli tour guide Ell, to help with translation.

We watched intently, as Ell ask the man what he wanted. While touching his chest he told Ell that he had heard the songs in his language and was touched in his heart. He told us he was ashamed of what he had done, and wanted to know how to get this Jesus. Through Ell translating, my husband led this man through the sinners’ prayer. He wept like a baby, giving my husband and I a huge hug; thanking us in his language.

To our amazement, not only was this Israeli man brought into the body of Christ; but also, (and- I personally feel it was partly due to this miraculous-incident) my husband before our leaving Israel, had the opportunity to sit down with Ell our tour guide, and present to him the true gospel.




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