Luke Ch. 8

It was after the disciples had just learned a valuable lesson in faith that their ship arrived at the country of Gadarenes; which is over against Galilee.

There they were met by a naked man whose name was Legion; meaning that he was full of devils and crazed out of his mind. Now let me ask you, can you just imagine for a minute what it might be like to have a naked man in front of you full of devils? Not half full, but full? Think about it? Immediately, the devils within the man recognized Jesus and begged, not asked, but begged that they be cast into the swine nearby.

Upon Jesus agreeing to this request the bible states that, the swine then violently ran down a steep place into the lake and was drowned. The swine didn’t want anything to do with them either because these devils drove them crazy as well. The poor devils lost on both counts and had to return to the abyss. Now the keepers of the swine just witnessed their entire herd of swine lost at the bottom of the lake. This phenomenon sent them, fleeing into the city to report their experience; and telling of this man which had caused this whole ordeal.

Obviously, the peoples of the city knew of this crazed man, which lived among the tombs and was sometimes kept bound by chains. The word then states that the peoples went to see for themselves what had happened. When they came, they found the crazed man siting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. Now, the people clearly, was seeing for themselves, what the herdsmen had said was true; they too became affrighted. What do you think they were afraid of? They I am sure were filled with fear because it was something they couldn’t understand or explain. Besides if this man had the power to send devils into the swine; what other powers could he possibly possess. Because of their fear they demanded Jesus to leave.

Jesus and his disciples did depart from their coast, but not before the man in which the devils had left begged Jesus to let me go as well. Jesus told the man to stay and return to his home and tell them all of what great things that God had done. Which is just what the man did, in fact he had publicized his testimony around the city to the point that the same people from before were no longer afraid of Jesus. The word clearly states that they awaiting his return, eager and excited to see him, receiving Him gladly.

Remember when the man was full of devils it was also said that he was naked. When the curious people came to see for themselves what had happened they found him clothed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, in his right mind. How long did he sit at the feet of Jesus? It doesn’t say, but I know he was there long enough to hear the words and teachings of the Lord, because Jesus told him to go home into the city and show what great things God had done. Great-things, (plural) I feel this man not only received a physical but a spiritual healing as well. Not only could the People see a changed man in the physical but spiritual. So, one man through his transformation helped a whole city accept Jesus.

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