As a young teenager, being intrigued by the unexplained, I was drawn to anything and read everything that met the criteria of such topics. Surly there had to be answers to all of the phenomena’s. It was this curiosity that dove me in deeper and deeper into the darkened and uncharted places.

One night I was awaken to an enormous hand waving across my bed. My blood -curdling scream brought my mother running. I’ll never forget the look on her face as I explained what had just happened. Being the loving mother that she was, she stayed with me throughout the night.

Many years would pass before I would have understanding of that night.It wasn’t until I was in my med twenties that I found my Lord and Savior. It was also at this time that I was filled with His Spirit, and able to see things more clearly with a spiritual eye.

At a very young age I gave my heart to the Lord, but drifted far from him as I reached my adolescence years. It was during this time that Satan set out to destroy me. He knew I had not been born again and could easily be pulled into the shadows then into his grasp.

The Lord however knew my heart, and knew it was probable that I would eventually want to turn back to him. It has now been made clear to me that it was his hand waving over me that particular night; it was his hand of protection. He was letting Satan know he could influence me, he could mislead me, but he couldn’t take my life nor could he cause me to take my own life.

The Lord will never force himself on anyone, however Satan will never miss the opportunity to still, kill, and destroy us.

I praise the Lord for his love for me! There is a song that says; I love God for He first loved me. He does love us; he loved us so much that he gave His only begotten son, Jesus.


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