The Service Cleaner is one who vacuums the walk areas and mops the open spaces. They dust the table tops and stuff the extras in the nearest drawer. With continual efforts, they work hard to make things look good to the eye. They then stand back over their work and say unto themselves; everything looks nice. I’ve done a good job, well worth my wages.

The inspector of the house then comes, and sees what is left in the corners of the floors, behind and under the furniture. He see’s the bottoms and legs of the tables.  He see’s the messy drawers; the dust and cobwebs on the overhead celling fans. He see’s the grease and grime left on the small appliances and cupboard doors. His eyes bounce from here to there; catching glimmers of unfinished work. He then says to the servant, “Where is your respect?” “Have I not been good to you?” “How is it that you think you can fool me?”

The Service Christian Is like into the Service Cleaner. The Service Christian will dress up and go to church. He will sing and make long prayers. He will take a marker and highlight scripture while read by another man. He will go home and feel good about himself that he had done well. He will take the time to go to a bible study. Nodding his head over another mans understanding;  while filling in the blank spaces of his notebook. In leaving he will shake hands, give hugs, and feel good about himself. He will take his bible or daily  devotion book, read a few verses, then read or say a small morning prayer to start the day. “I am a good person.” He will tell himself. I love the Lord, I study my bible daily and pray.

The Inspector of the house will come, He will see what is in the closed drawers and in the corners. He will see all the darkened areas, for His light will shine forth and nothing shall be hid.

He then will say to the servant, ” You claimed to have loved me.” “Where was your respect?” “Why did you seek another men to teach you?” “I not only gave myself, but also gave you my Word.” “Could you not trust me to give you knowledge?” ” Could you not trust me to give you wisdom?” ” I died to send the Holy Spirit and comforter to teach you.” “My word stated that if you would draw nigh to me that I would draw nigh to you, but you chose to draw unto other men.” “How can you say that my word is hard to understand; when you never gave me a chance to teach you, to give you my knowledge, y understanding, and my wisdom?” ” Why did you not give Me your whole heart to clean and shine?”


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