While having a conversation with my granddaughter, I was trying to explain to her what Jesus meant when he told us to, ” Hold Fast” What did He mean? What for? I felt it important to let her know how Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy us. Jesus wanted us to be very aware of this opportunist, running to and fro seeking in whom he might devour. There is only a couple of things that we have in which he seeks and wants. He would like to steal away our opportunity to come into the family of Christ. If we by chance succeed then he sets out to destroy us before coming to actually “know” Jesus and the one true God. He watches for those that are weak in the spirit that he may kill and devour them. Jesus knows our enemy; Jesus called him a worthy adversary. He knows how he sometimes can come to us as an angel of Light, and how he uses “man” to deceive man. This is why Jesus warns us of him. Do you think he was just warning those of the world? No, his warning was to all of us. Again, he said to,” Hold Fast.

I ask my granddaughter if she had ever watched football; she exclaimed that she had. I then ask her if she noticed how the players carried the ball. She told me yes, I then ask her to stand up and pretend she was one of those players carrying the ball. She stood up, crouched over as though she was about run the ball, which was held tightly under her arm, close and tight to her chest. I then ask her this question; “Why do they carry the ball in this particular manner? ”She responded by saying, “because, they don’t want the other players to get it.” “Exactly.” I said, and that is what Jesus is saying to us as well. “Hold Fast.” He is telling us, to hold our salvation tightly and closely to our chest. In the book of Revelations Jesus is telling us to, “Hold Fast” to what we have until the END.

1 Peter 5:8
John 10:10
2ed Cor. 11:14
Rev. 2:25
Rev. 3:11

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