Genesis- Ch. 29

Each time in reading the story of Jacob and Rachel,  I found it disturbing that Jacob had to work so hard for Rachel.

After years of following the Lord and reading; I now understand that everything recorded in the old and new testaments has balance and purpose. One upholds the other.

The following parallel is what I personally feel we are to gain from this particular story.

I assume that you are familiar with this story already; If not I highly suggest that you take the time to read it for yourself.

As the story goes Jacob worked many years under unfavorable circumstances to be able to marry his beloved Rachel. He fell in love with Rachel at first sight and kept his eyes upon her, in hopes that someday she would be his wife. No matter how harsh or unfair the dilemma, Jacob never gave up on having Rachel. In the end his perseverance served him well.

We in looking for Jesus must do just as Jacob, we must want him with all of our heart, all of our minds, and all of our soul. Jesus stated in the new testament that if we search for him that we would find him. How hard are we willing to search for him? We must work hard as Jacob did to find him. Through all of the trials and dilemmas of our own faith walk; we will find Him; providing we keep our eyes on Jesus as did Jacob with Rachel.



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