One spring day I had decided to plant a small garden of wild flowers. Clearing the ground and preparing the soil was a real challenge, because the selected spot was covered with weeds and crap grass. The unwanted crap grass was giving me a fit and causing a lot of frustration. Enough so as they would say, “it’ll make a sailor cuss.” Well, I had grabbed hold to this one piece that was really tough to remove. It seemed determined to want to fight with me. I stood over it and said, “Because you are growing in a place you are not wanted, I curse you as Jesus cursed the fig tree.” I then bent back down and grabbed hold to the stubborn piece of grass. I want you to know, it was like it had absolutely no root what-so-ever. Immediately I found myself lying on my back, while still holding the clump of grass in my hands, my arms extended over my head with dirt falling in my face. Oh, my Gosh, I felt my Lord laughing, and then I laughed as well.

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