Let the earth rumble; Let the waves roar. Let the mountains crumble; Let the eagles soar.   It’s the way  of nature; It’s because of sin. It’s a sign to every creature; It’s about to end.   The kings they will gather; But shall  not prevail. They can not change the weather; Neither, the earth’s … More EARTH’S TRAVAIL


While gazing out of my window I noticed drizzling rain. My eyes were drawn to leaves on the ground that was dried and brown in color. Watching the small droplets of water fall upon them I could see them shaking. So gently they would quiver as though they were still alive. I was saddened for … More GOD’S RAIN


My hands are extended; My heart longs for you. Come now into my courts; while there is time left for you.   You may not see me now; but I can lead the way. It is the blind and the lame I reach for, to show them the way.   I love you so with … More COME UNTO ME