One day I was thinking about Christians in general; baffled over the fact that some Christians didn’t seem to have a zeal for the Lord. It was of my opinion, if someone called themselves a christian they should be more excited, and have a greater hunger for his word. They should always be ready to take the sword and go forth for Jesus; therefore I could not comprehend how they could be of service to Christ.

As I pondered on these things, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said:

“There were three neighbors, one was very ill. One, of the other two neighbors cooked a soup and baked a cake to take to the ill neighbor.”  The Lord then ask me,”Would you have baked a cake and cooked a soup for the ill neighbor?”  “Why No Lord! ” I replied, You know that I hardly cook and bake for my own family.”  The Lord then said to me, “If the ill neighbor had needed spiritual food, which neighbor would I have sent?”


  • The one neighbor, which had cooked the food for the ill neighbor, had shown God’s love and was in His service, by ministering to his physical needs.
  • The other neighbor was more able to minister to the spiritual needs of the ill neighbor.
  • The Lord showed me that both neighbors were in His service; just in different ways.
  • I was reminded of Mary and Martha; Jesus loved them both very much


  • I constantly have to be on guard, reminding myself of this parable; if not, I will find myself continually criticizing and condemning other christians. Only the Lord truly knows the heart and mind of another; and knows their christian walk and capabilities.

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